Choose File>Save As to save the cropped image in the Cropped folder. In the Save As dialog box, navigate to the Cropped folder where you want to store the file. Type a name in the File Name text box. Click Save to store the image.

To make multiple selections on Photoshop, regardless of the tool you are working with (magic wand, lasso polygonal, marquee, etc), simply press the SHIFT key and select other items of your choice.

Hold the ‘option’ key for a mac, or the ‘alt’ key for windows, then click and drag the selection to where you want it positioned. This will duplicate the selected area inside of the same layer, and the duplicated area will stay highlighted so you can easily click and drag to duplicate it again.

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  1. make (or resize) a selection.
  2. copy the selection to a new image.
  3. save the image.
  4. close the image.

If you want to process a batch of multiple photos in one go, you can apply one crop size to all of them, or adjust the cropping area on each image separately.

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  1. Open Paint.NET.
  2. File Open.
  3. Navigate to the folder containing the photos and select them all.
  4. Click Open. …
  5. Choose first image (the one on the canvas will do) by clicking on the thumbnail image in the image list.
  6. Select Rectangle Select tool .

Make a slice of the part you want to export, and then use File > Save for Web… . … The quickest way is probably to do:

  1. M (rectangular marquee selection)
  2. Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + C (copy merged)
  3. Ctrl / Cmd + N (new file)
  4. Ctrl / Cmd + V (paste)
  5. Ctrl / Cmd + S (save)

Save a selection Make a selection using any of the selection tools or methods. To save this selection, choose Select > Save Selection. In the Save Selection dialog box, go to the Name field and give this selection a name. Click OK to close the Save Selection dialog box.

Step 2: Saving A Selection In Photoshop

  1. You can save a selection by going to Select > Save Selection.
  2. Remember to give the selection an easy to remember name. This will make working with selections so much easier. …
  3. You can also find your selection under the Channels menu. …
  4. To save the document go to File > Save.

Select the Magic Wand tool from the toolbox and then left-click the object that you want to cut out. This creates a selection around the area that you have clicked. Hold down Shift and click an adjacent section of the object if the entire object was not covered by the selection.

The Photoshop Magic Wand Tool is a quick and easy way to select and mask certain portions of an image, giving you the ability to alter one part of your image while leaving other parts intact. … The Magic Wand Tool works by selecting an area of solid color within an image.

Go to File > Choose Automate > Crop and Straighten Photos. Photoshop handles this as a batch process. You don’t have to select anything manually. It recognizes the scanned image and automatically crops, straightens, and separates each photo into its individual image.


  1. Upload your image. Select an image on your computer and press upload.
  2. Choose the size of your grid. Choose how many rows and columns you want to split your image into.
  3. Click on Split and Download your sliced image. …
  4. Automatically post them to Instagram.

BatchCropper is a simple app which enables you to crop a number of photos at a time. … For example, the navigation bar or ad area of your device’s screenshot can be trimmed using this app easily. The iPhone’s all select button will be shown only when the device’s orientation is landscape because of space.

Click View > Show Edit Toolbar. Use the Select tool to select the area you want to crop on one of the pages. Then select one of the thumbnails on the left and press +A to select all thumbnails. Finally, press Crop.

To crop multiple PDF pages at once, click on ‘Tool’ in the left menu and then choose the ‘Crop Pages’ option. Select your desired margin and use ‘CropBox’ to crop PDF pages.

PSD file separately? Hey, you can slice it up using the slice tool (near the top in the toolbar to the left). Each slice will be saved as a separate image, just go to File > Save for Web and Devices > and then select PNG from the drop down list in the top right.

Selections can be made with the numerous tools in Photoshop. Once you make a selection, it can be saved as a Channel, a Layer Mask or converted to a Path. In this topic we will create a selection, then save it as an object on a separate layer.