After Effects Essentials By Steve Ramsden

Steve Ramsden created this course for anyone who wants to learn Adobe After Effects quickly to achieve Good Film Making And VFX results, as he does on his popular YouTube channel (@Steve Ramsden).

A complete beginner can take this course, download a selection of the tutorial material to practice, and use the free trial version of After Effects to complete the lessons!

The goal of this course is to inspire you to create your own stunning VFX shots – using just one program, no plugins, and the resources you already have.

Course info
Level: Basic
Language: English
Subtitle: NA
Duration: 2.5 Hrs
Release date: 2022-01-14
Last Update: 2023-01-01
Softwares Used: After Effects
Preview Module: Yes
Course interaction: Live Q&A sessions, Community Access
Support Type: Community Type
Access Method: On-Demand
Hosted On: Check Official Page

A laptop Or Computer With After Effects Pre-Installed

About The Instructor

Steve Ramsden
Steve Ramsden

Produced a behind-the-scenes show in Los Angeles covering new Hollywood releases before his 23rd birthday. Made a trilogy of feature-length teenage spy films in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, before his 18th birthday. Check Out More here On

Course Descript Contents

There are 30 main video lessons and bonus videos will be added as and when they are made (there are 2 already).  There are also currently around 20 demo videos showing various effects used in real scenarios, so the course has around 50 videos altogether.

Course ratings:4.0/5
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