Fundamentals on After Effects By Motion Design School

A course on After Effects fundamentals that covers all you need to know to make an animated masterpiece from any picture. Achieve maximum results in the shortest time possible.

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Level: Basic
Language: English
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Duration: 2.5 Hrs
Release date: 2020-05-08
Last Update: 2022-01-27
Softwares Used: After Effects
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  • A Laptop Or Computer with Adobe After Effects Installed

About The Instructor

Markus Magnusson

Most of you probably know me as Motionmarkus. I’m a Swedish-born animator with over 10 years experience of in bringing characters to life. I’ve animated everything from Google Doodles to wizard sticker packs for Dropbox.

Course Descript Contents

What will You learn in Motion Secrets?

  • After Effects Basics Lesson #1
    In this lesson, you will get familiar with After Effects Interface and Shape Layers structure and, of course, create your first animation. By the end of the course, you will make a fish jump! Seems easy, isn’t it?
  • After Effects Basics Lesson #2
    By the end of this lesson, you will animate the whole bunch of branches, leaves, and bushes. And look, that fish is already jumping out of the water! Oh wait, the stars are flickering too and some of them are even falling. It already looks promising.
  • LESSON #3
    Here you will literally play with fire and make characters alive. We will cover the principles on the right guy with a guitar, and you can do whatever you want with others.
  • LESSON #4
    The last step of animation would be to add some textures and glows, and voilà! Our animation is ready.
  • LESSON #5
    Now, what’s cool about making something you can’t share, right? We’ve added a tutorial on how you can export this animation into GIF to share it with the whole world.
    Optimize Your Workflow with Motion Tools

And in bonus lecture for more advanced users, we will explain in-depth what you can achieve with our Motion Tools plugin that you will receive for free. It will save you tons of time in your future motion journey.

Course ratings:4.0/5
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