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Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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Welcome to our community! We’re thrilled to have you here. As a passionate, talented, and experienced graphics designer, I strive to empower others through knowledge, inspiration, and support. My mission is to foster a supportive creative community, offering personal guidance to those looking to enhance their skills in graphics design.

Your contributions mean a lot to us, enabling us to keep doing what we love – sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. To thank you for your generosity, we offer several tiers of rewards. With each donation, you’re not only supporting this community but also gaining exclusive benefits that can significantly enhance your learning journey. Please consider donating to support our cause. Your donation helps ensure that we can continue providing valuable content and resources to all who seek them.

Grafixdrive starter

$ 2.99

This is more than just a donation – it’s the first step on your personal journey in graphics design. As a thank you for your generosity, I’ll personally assist you with the installation of graphics-related tools and provide advice tailored to your specific device.

Grafixdrive Learner

$ 10

A donation at this level helps fuel the creation of new resources, courses, and inspiration. In return for your support, I’ll assist you with software installation, guide you through our courses, and provide demo project files for inspiration.


Grafixdrive Master

$ 15

By choosing to donate at this level, you’re truly making a significant impact. To show my appreciation for your substantial support, you’ll receive all the benefits of the Seedling and Budding Artist tiers, along with live support sessions through Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. Together, we’ll work through any challenges you may face on your path to mastery.


Remember, your donation helps keep this community vibrant, thriving, and accessible to everyone passionate about graphic design. Thank you for your support! ❤️