Who Played With Corpse In Among Us?

During a recent live stream, Rachel Valkyrae Hofstetter and Corpse Husband grew emotional after playing what they said was their last Among Us game. Among Us has gained incessant popularity over the last year or so.

Also, Do You Know How many subs did corpse have before Among Us?

Trivia. Corpse had a gaming channel of an unknown name that only had around 200 subscribers.

Generally Does corpse have a YouTube channel? Corpse is best known for his music and faceless work on YouTube. He is most particularly known for his horror story narration and Among Us Let’s Play content. He also gained notable recognition for his deep low-pitched voice.

Corpse Husband
YouTube information
Also known as CORPSE
Subscribers 7.62 million

Here You Can Watch The Video INSANE Among Us Crossover! Ft Corpse, PewDiePie


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Why is Corpse not playing Among Us anymore?

With the game not being popular anymore, many of them have moved on from it to create better content. Players like Disguised Toast have even said that the game isn’t fun anymore. Other than that, some of them might even leave streaming, like Corpse Husband, who might work in the music industry permanently.

How old is Corpse Husband now?

Why did Corpse drop out of school?

He concluded by saying Hopefully not, suggesting he may have something of a strained relationship with his family. In a later Q&A session on Instagram, Corpse revealed that he dropped out of school when he was 12 and that he Came from a f***ed up upbringing, shedding even more light on his estranged family dynamic.

Does Corpse Husband have a cat?

Bingus has seen a spike once again due to Corpse Husband. The horror YouTuber turned recording artist and Among Us streamer has Tweeted about the bald cat numerous times on both his main Twitter account Corpse_Husband and his alt CORPSE_alt. During his Among Us streams, he has also used Bingus as his ‘activation’ word.

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