Who Won The 25K Among Us Tournament?

Almond & kenzrosey win $25K Toronto Ultra Warzone Payout event: Final results – Dexerto.

Also, Do You Know Who won the Faze Among Us tournament?

The tournament was held on the 19th of October, and had a total prize pool of $25,000, with the winner going home with a handsome $12,000. Much of the criticism was due to Bella Poarch’s overall persona.

Generally Who won the cod tournament today? The Call of Duty League Major 3 LAN tournament is now in the books as Seattle Surge took out the Toronto Ultra event with a 5-3 win over Atlanta FaZe. If you missed any of the latest event, be sure to brush up on the full results below. Surge took down FaZe 5-3 in the Grand Finals.

Here You Can Watch The Video Worlds FIRST $20000 Among us FaZe Tournament!

Similarly, Bella Poarch Flamed in FaZe Clan $25k Among Us Tournament

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Who won 2022 champs?

Los Angeles Thieves

2022 Call of Duty League season
Champions Los Angeles Thieves
Runners-up Atlanta FaZe
Finals MVP Kenneth Kenny Williams

Who won 300k Warzone tournament?

World Series of Warzone Duos format & scoring These Duos played in five private games with the winners, HusKerrs & Newbz, being crowned based on their eliminations and placement over the five matches.

Who won the 50K Warzone tournament?

Team Aydan wins big in NYSL’s $50K WarzoneMania tournament: Full results. WarzoneMania is back for the third consecutive year.

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