• Is this free?

    Yes, Downloading file size upto 250 MB is 100% Free for all users. We offer premium accounts which allows for greater flexibility with file size and Downloading speed.

  • Can i Upload?

    Sorry, You can not upload Anything.

  • I recently Paid, when will my account Upgrade?

    Account upgradation is not automatic it is a manual process. It generally happens within 15 Minutes but sometime it need around 5 to 8 hours due to different geolocation.

  • How can i confirm my Account is upgraded or not?

    login to your account and Visit account setting page. you can see the account status marked as paid.

  • How can i contact if i have any problem?

    You can contact us using Telegram @Graphixfather or via our Mail: gfxfather@gmail.com

  • How can i reset my password?

    You can not reset it on our system at your side. contact us on live chat or via mail we will reset for you.